In every story there is a goal and a way to reach it. There is a purpose and a tool to achieve it. There is a hunter and a pray. There is a hunted and a hope. What will happen if someone is hunting you with no mercy and you are left alone to save yourself?

The story is about a young hero trying to escape the lethal claws of the ultimate hunter in the Star Wars universe. Left alone in a remote planet in the Outer Rim, trying to survive in hard to reach places and hiding from the oppressive and ruthless Empire.

The words "Dera Why-Fin" are stuck on the hero's mind. The meaning of these words leads to a hideout up in the hills and outside the hero's safe zone. By taking high risks and life-threatening decisions the young scavenger follows the paths leading to the sole answer of this mystery with the help of an unexpected ally.

The mysticism of the Force in the stories of the Expanded Universe, the terror of the established Empire in the Original Trilogy and the fresh ideas of the new Star Wars Films and series are three of the main factors of this Star Wars Fan Film Project.

Character 1


A Star Wars Fan Film Principle Photo

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A Star Wars Fan Film Principle Photo

George Lucas' vision of Star Wars has inspired numerous people to write stories about that universe and create projects to celebrate the world that George Lucas has created. This project of ours is a Fan Film adding a new piece of story to this everlasting universe.

All the members of our team are people who have grown up watching Star Wars films since our early childhood. Star Wars stories have accompanied us for the most part of our lives. When we decided to create something new, everyone was on board for a Star Wars project.

The greatest challenge in this project is to keep the basic elements and film making of Star Wars movies and combine them with the talent of each member of our team. We want the result to be a Star Wars film that can be enjoyed by everyone and at the same time offer new ideas and be respectful to the universe that George Lucas has created.

HUNTED: A Star Wars Fan Film pays tribute to the Original Trilogy and combines elements of the Expanded Universe and the Disney Canon.

Kariofillis Christos Hatzopoulos - Writer/Producer